Lobster decadence


Poultry shears, knife, bamboo sticks


Lobster tail(s), butter, salt, pepper, lemons or limes, pecorino romano cheese


Grilling lobster can be tricky, after an initial char I take it to indirect heat and check internal temp frequently. Target temperature is 135-145.

Lobster is expensive so when you buy it, you want to cook it right. Whether you boil, broil, grill, bake or deepfry, one thing stays the same: the internal cooking temperature. How many times have you had dry seafood? 

The perfect internal cooking temperature is for 135-145 degrees F. An instant read thermometer is an inexpensive tool that will make it a lot easier to cook well.

I usually split the tail when I grill. First, it cooks a little faster and second, it allows me to get a little crust on it. Be careful though, lobster can cook very fast if you aren't careful. I use bamboo skewers to keep the tails from curling too much.